Since the first day of creation of HomeSense Wine, we define our mission as to provide the best quality everyday drinking AOC Level wines at an affordable price to the true wine lovers in China.

Through different trips to China, we listened to the needs from various people from all cycles of life. Good AOC level French wines at reasonable prices are what consumers eager to have.


We selected many small and medium wine-producers who make excellent wines, but have no time and resources to export to China and to allow Chinese wine lovers to taste the fruits of their “terroir”.


That’s why we want to be the bridge between the producers and the true wine admirers!


We have tasted and carefully chosen all the wines before integrating them in our catalogue. Our wine producers are spread all over France, mainly in the 8 biggest wine-producing regions: Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, Champagne, Sud-ouest, Languedoc and Loire. Quite a few producers are very pleased to work with us and have decided to grant us the exclusive distributorship for Chinese market. Such an honourable mission needs hard work behind. We spent days and weeks to help them define the marketing strategy and distribution channel in order to promote their products.


Our clients are mainly importers, distributors and retailers in various regions in China. According to their requirements for flavour and price, we taste and then constitute a collection of wines from different regions. This personalised collection and our tailor-made service are highly appreciated by our clients. After the order confirmation, we handle all the related matters from sending samples, arranging the labels, translating the technical specifications, negotiating the price and payment terms, coordinating the route and sea transport, and until delivery to clients’ warehouse.


We enjoy our work a lot!


Do enjoy our selection!